Public Notice


Kakao aims to maximize corporate values and shareholders’ interest
through corporate management transparency.

Within the board are four sub-committees (Audit Committee, Directors Nominating Committee, Compensation Committee and ESG Committee). The chairmanship of the board is reserved for an inside director, excluding the CEO in a bid to enhance the corporate management transparency and ensure a maximum increase in corporate values and shareholders’ interest.

Inside director

Inside director
Name / Board Position Job Title Professional & Educational Background Terms
Sung-su Kim
Chairman of the Board of Directors Member of Nominating Committee
- French Language and Literature, Korea University
- Master of Journalism and Broadcasting, Korea University
- CEO of CJ E&M
- CEO of Kakao M
- (Current) Independent CEO of Kakao Entertainment
- (Current) Head of Kakao Corporate Alignment Center
- (Current) Chairman of the Board of Directors,Kakao
2 years (March 29, 2022 – )
Euntaek Hong
CEO Member of ESG Committee
- Oriental History, Seoul National University
- Kakao Chief Business Officer
- Kakao Social impact Executive Vice President
- Kakao Makers CEO
- Kakao Commerce CEO
- (Current) Kakao Co-Head of Corporate Alignment Center
- (Current) Kakao Head of ESG
2 years (March 29, 2022 – )


Name / Board Position Job Title Professional & Educational Background Terms
KyuJin Cho
Chairman of Compensation Committee Member of Audit Committee Member of Directors Nominating Committee
- Ph.D of Mechanical Engineering, MIT
- MIT(Post-Doc.)
- Harvard Microrobotics Lab(Post-Doc.)
- (Current) Professor, Seoul National University
- (Current) Professor, Department of Mechanical&Aerospace Engineering, Seoul National University
- (Current) Director, Institute of Control, Robotics and Systems
- (Current) Vice President, IEEE Robotics and Automation Society
2 years (March 29, 2021 – )
Seok Yun
Chairman of Audit Committee Member of Compensation Committee
- Bachelor degree of Business Management, Yonsei University
- MBA at NYU
- Managing director, head of equity research, Credit Suisse (Korea)
- Managing director, head of wholesale business/head of research center, Samsung Securities
- CIO (Executive Vice President), Samsung Asset Management
- CEO, Samsung Active Asset Management
- Adviser, Samsung Active Asset Management
- (Current) CEO, Yun & Co
2 years (March 29, 2021 – )
Sejung Choi
Chairman of Directors Nominating Committee Chairman of ESG Committee Member of Audit Committee
- Ph.D. in Mass Media (Advertising), Michigan State University
- Assistant Professor/Associate Professor, Department of Advertising, The University of Texas at Austin
- Vice President, Korea Advertising Society
- Outside director, JTBC Mediacom
- Editor-in-chief, The Korean Journal of Advertising and Public Relations
- (Current) Outside director, GIIR
- (Current) Professor, School of Media and Communication, Korea University
2 years (March 29, 2021 – )
Saerom Park
Member of ESG Committee Member of Compensation
- Doctor of Science in Industrial Engineering, Seoul National University
- Researcher, Industrial and Mathematical Date Analytics Research Center, Seoul National University
- (Current) Assistant Professor of Department of Convergence Security Engineering, Sungshin Women's University
2 years (March 29, 2021 – )