Business & Human Rights

Business & Human Rights

Business & Human Rights

Kakao Business and Human Rights Statement

Kakao aims to make a better world through people and technology. We build unprecedented connections with our technologies and services. We are not afraid to pioneer new paths and we pursue innovation beyond improvement. Through these meaningful changes, we hope to contribute in making a better society

Based on Kakao’s human-centered principles, we pursue inclusive growth with mutual respect. We see it as our responsibility to promote human rights for all stakeholders and relationships, including our employees and users, our investors, shareholders and business partners, and the local communities.

We are fully committed to respecting international human rights norms. We observe international principles, namely the United Nations (UN) Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and the International Labor Organizations (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, and national legislation inclusive of the international principles.

Kakao undertakes a proactive approach that prevents our services and technologies from being used in activities involving violations to human rights. Part of our approach is to swiftly and effectively respond to cases of human rights violation and further on, to provide fundamental solutions.


The Kakao Business and Human Rights Statement applies to our employees at the Kakao headquarters, as well as our affiliated companies and contingent workforce based in domestic and international workplaces. Furthermore, we expect our business partners and users to share our commitment in respecting and promoting human rights.

The Kakao Business and Human Rights Statement observes the locality in which Kakao provides its services. In legal cases, we follow the local laws and procedures, while upholding our commitment to harmonize with international human rights norms.

Basic Principles

Kakao does not tolerate issues of human rights violation in regard to its workforce, business partners, users and the society.

1. Our Commitment to Protect the Human Rights of the Individuals of Our Organization

Kakao observes the protection of human rights for individuals of its organization as articulated in the Declaration of the ILO and national legislations.

  • - Non-Discrimination in the Workplace: Kakao provides a workplace non-discriminative of origin, race, national extraction, nationality, sex, sexual identity or sexual orientation, personal beliefs, religion, age, disability and other bases. We promote equality of opportunity and respectful treatment of individuals with legitimate distinctions based on skills and efforts.
  • - Support for Skills-Building and Training: Kakao encourages a thriving workplace culture and actively supports opportunities for employee skill-building, training and self-development.
  • - Protection of Safety and Health: Kakao implements a corporate safety program to ensure a safe and healthful workplace and training for its employees. Kakao observes international and national standards and regulations, and internal policies relevant to safety, health and working hours.
  • - Prohibition Against Forced Labor and Child Labor: Kakao prohibits all involuntary forms of labor in which workers are subject to work by psychological or physical coercion. In principle, Kakao does not allow youth or child labor.
2. Our Commitment to Protect the Human Rights of Our Business Partners

Kakao respects the human rights of its business partners.

  • - Human Rights Protection of Business Partners: Kakao makes efforts so that our business partners may observe our human rights principles and the labor standards as defined by the ILO.
  • - Response to Issues of Human Rights Violation: When issues of human rights violation arise during business transactions, Kakao actively seeks to mitigate the causes and find substantial solutions through cooperation with various stakeholders.
3. Our Commitment to User Privacy Protection and Freedom of Expression

Kakao strives to foster a safe and convenient user environment for all users in its products, technologies and services.

  • - Protection of User Privacy: For user personal information, Kakao complies with legal regulations and collects the minimum personal information to provide its services. Kakao strengthens its privacy system to avoid any risks of personal information breach.
  • - Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties: Kakao does not provide personal information to third parties without specified consent of users or as otherwise defined within the legal boundaries.

Kakao supports users’ freedom of expression.
However, as Kakao strives to protect youth and children from harmful content and information we will take appropriate measures against content and information violating our Terms of Services or deemed harmful in accordance to social norms.

4. Our Commitment to Digital Responsibility and Sustainability

Kakao aims to foster a world in which individuals grow together and share a better future.

  • - Digital Inclusion: Kakao aims for its technologies and services to embrace the society and reduce the risks of isolation and discrimination in today’s digital society.
  • - Digital Accessibility: Kakao commits to ensure that all individuals have equal access to its services.
  • - Contribution to Society:Kakao joins collective efforts in solving current and future social issues.
  • - Integration of Sustainability: Kakao makes efforts for all individuals of its organization to adopt sustainable practices and for Kakao’s technologies and services to support environmentally sustainable solutions.
Human Rights Infringement Complaint and Resolution Procedure

Kakao operates an internal channel for its employees, business partners, users and other stakeholders to provide assistance and process formal complaints on issues that risk human rights violation. Depending on the nature of the issue, the complaint filed is transferred to the responsible team and is processed with efficiency and effectiveness. The results of the claim are shared with the relevant parties.


Address: Ethics Department, 7F N, H-Square, 235 Pangyoyeok-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, 13494, Korea

To provide a secure environment for claimants to seek support, all information related to the report and the claimant remain strictly confidential.