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Daum community service

Since 1999, more than 10 million users have met on Daum Café every day. People with the same interests gather to share information, relax, socialize and make lasting friends.

Café Ranking

Café Ranking is Daum Café’s exclusive ranking system that ranks cafes based on its activity scores. Rankings are updated weekly and provides visual cues on how active your café members are. Highly ranked cafes are displayed at the top of the list, allowing users to select and join the liveliest cafes.

Real-time hot posts

The hottest issues in Daum Café are gathered and shown in real-time. Look at Daum Café’s hottest posts to find out what’s trending on the internet right now.

Official fan cafes in Daum Café

Daum Café’s official fan cafes are premium cafes that are most frequented by numerous celebrities and their fans. Support your favorite star by supporting their fan café and visit their fan café to see the celebrity’s latest posts.

Official game cafes in Daum Café

Daum Café’s premium game cafes provides an overview of notifications, events and strategies from your favorite games. Get updated with the latest information and play games with other players at the official game cafes, available in Daum Cafés.

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