Leading you to all the right places, Kakao Map

Photos of Hanok Village and Kakao Map symbols
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Kakao Map finds you
the fastest routes in South Korea
and also helps you discover the best restaurants and hot spots in your location.
Everything you would
expect from a navigation and more!

Find routes for public transit/car/walk/bike

Kakao Map will find you the fastest route to your destination, whether you’re going by car, public transit, bike or walking, using the latest information that was updated within the past 24 hours

Quick navigation

Find your route and immediately use the navigation provided in Kakao Map, without having to download a separate app.

Push notifications to get on/off public transits

Press the button once and Kakao Map will send a push notification to tell you when to get on and off the public transits when you are on the move.

Share KakaoTalk friend’s location

Check your Kakao Talk friend’s current location and real-time travel route when going to meet your friend or returning home late at night.

Recommend local hot spots

Discover new places with the “Nearby” tab, which provides recommendations to places in your current location, as well as the “Theme Map”, which shows special locations according to specific themes.

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