The accurate and fun driving assistant,
Kakao Navi

Kakao Navi 로고

The uplifting driving assistant
provides fast and accurate routes, and transforms
your tedious drive into a fun part of your daily life.

Fast and accurate navigation

Kakao Navi utilizes users’ actual data and real-time traffic information to find you the fastest route.

Provides accurate arrival time

Kakao Navi uses Kakao Mobility’s big data and traffic prediction algorithm to tell you the exact time you will arrive at your destination, depending on your time of departure.

Easily manage your car

As a car owner, the Kakao Navi app is all you need to have a car wash service come to your location at any time, see your navigation travel history, search your car's market price and sell your car, and pay to charge your electric car!

Drive safely with voice recognition

Kakao i, Kakao’s artificial intelligence, will find all the information you need while you drive. Tell Kakao i what you need, and it will find your destination, search the nearest gas station, play music and even send KakaoTalk messages.

Use your navigation on a bigger screen

Kakao Navi can be used in both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.
Connect your phone to your car and use Kakao Navi to the fullest on your big car display.

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