Mobility for everyone,
Kakao T

Kakao T 로고

Reduce your time on the road and use more time for yourself.
The more convenient your mobility is, the more you can achieve.

Reliable and convenient
Kakao T Taxi

Kakao T eliminated the hassle of hailing a taxi to create an efficient taxi service that is convenient for both the passenger and driver.

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Smart, data-driven
Kakao T Driver

Kakao T Driver uses data to recommend a rate that can match you with a driver quickly, and identifies locations that has the most calls.

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Move to nearby locations with ease,
Kakao T Bike

Kakao T Bike enables you to move to places that are too far to walk, not easily accessible by public transportation or close enough to go by bike.

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The smart way to park your car,
Kakao T Parking

No more driving around, looking for a parking spot. Search, reserve and pay for the perfect parking spot near your destination with Kakao T Parking.

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Find the fastest route
with Kakao T Navi

Kakao T Navi will find you the fastest route to your destination, as well as information on gas stations, restaurants and other local businesses and attractions.

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Travel together
on a Kakao T Shuttle

Wondering how you should move everyone during a trip, to an event or a concert? Kakao T Shuttle will help you get a shuttle bus for the entire group.

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All you need for intercity travel,
Kakao T Bus

Search the best route for intercity bus travel, reserve and pay for tickets and get on the bus, all with Kakao T Bus.

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Everything you need for train travel,
Kakao T Train

Find the best route with information provided by KORAIL, and conveniently buy tickets and get on the train with Kakao T Train.

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The convenience travels with you
with Kakao T Trip

Easily call a ride when overseas, as you would in Korea. No foreign language skills are needed to safely request a ride with Kakao T Trip.

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Tool to manage all your business travels,
Kakao T Business

Kakao T Business will help you find the fastest way to move and manage all your work-related travel expenses.

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