Only my favorite music,

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Discover new music
on the personalized music platform Melon,
offering customized daily mixes to popular DJ playlists!

Your personalized Music Home

Find mixes personalized for you, as well as a playlist of today’s popular hits on Melon Music Home.

Overview of music Trend

Listen to today’s hottest music, including latest releases on 24Hits and each genre’s popular tracks.

Artists’ music broadcast Station

Enjoy Melon’s original contents, including audio, video clip and magazines, from various artists.

Customized, Search

Uncover new music with real-time search words, popular searches and customized tag recommendations.

Archive your music in Music Drive

Add music to your Music Drive, and create and manage playlists of your favorite music.

Korea’s biggest music awards ceremony, MMA

Data from Melon is used to select winners at the Melon Music Awards (MMA). Vote for your favorite K-Music!

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