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Exploring the Coexistence of Humans and AI with Kakao Brain - Part 2 


#Is AI Writing Technology or Art?

Dictionaries define art as "a reflection of humanity's quest for beauty and creativity, producing masterpieces of expression." The definition of "creation" also expresses "artistic works," solidifying the idea that art stems from human actions.


But, if a person is moved emotionally by AI's output, even if it was not intended to depict beauty, it embodies the essence of what art truly represents. Is it possible to label the outcome of soulless creations and aimless works as "art"? This thought-provoking paradox may never be fully resolved.


Amidst the controversy and heated public discourse, the AI model "Sia," trained on Kakao Brain's KoGPT (Korean Generative Pre-Trained Transformer), made a bold statement by releasing a poetry collection in August of 2022. To be precise, the media art group Sleetscope collected over 3,000 poems and trained the KoGPT model on poetic techniques. The model's output with various themes was honed through a meticulous refinement into a final collection of 53 poems. These masterpieces were even brought to life on the theatrical stage.


Also, KoGPT can craft poems in the voice of specific poets. It combines multiple Korean datasets to generate a narrative contextually relevant to the prompt or sentence given. The next sentence or word is selected based on probability, drawing from online articles. Unlike human writers, however, the source of inspiration for KoGPT is not imagination or thoughts. Instead, it operates similarly to GAN, a multi-modal image generation technology that requires a prompt to create an image. 


According to popular belief, in order to cultivate exceptional writing skills, one must adhere to the "three essentials" - reading voraciously, writing habitually, and reflecting deeply.


Clint, who has been involved with KoGPT from its inception, offers his perspective, "KoGPT has read so much Korean that no human could match. If harnessed in the form of the highly sought-after Chat GPT, it will attain the ability to multitask, an elusive and challenging feat for AI that presents exciting opportunities for AI developers to explore.”

Clint profile image (Kakao Brain Open Research Division Head)
Karlo recreated profile image based on photos provided by Clint. 
# Advantages and Limitations of 'Imitating' Humans

Technologies based on state protection, such as nuclear power and semiconductors, have limited access with high entry barriers. On the other hand, AI technology is viewed as a future revenue source, but with much of it accessible to the general public.


Clint highlights, "The technology of discovering valuable data in web documents with various quality and forms, infrastructure like computing power, or problem-solving expertise and know-how all create a divide." While anyone can be a fast follower, creating desired outcomes and demonstrating leadership is actually challenging. That's what sets KoGPT from Kakao Brain apart.


As individuals observe the AI creations produced by industries and academic institutions both domestically and abroad, they perceive AI to exhibit behavior and thought that mimics that of a human being. However, upon closer examination, AI's actions and thoughts are merely an imitation of the real thing. For instance, when a person engages in conversation about a particular topic, they consider and incorporate prior knowledge, emotions, and information. In contrast, AI relies solely on the information it has been trained on to formulate its responses. This is why asking the same question with slight variations can result in inconsistent answers. Additionally, AI's responses that defy conventional wisdom also stem from this. While AI can provide answers firmly rooted in logic, such as those seen in standardized tests or legal documents, it cannot articulate the reasoning behind its responses. This represents a stark distinction between AI and human beings.


Web documents containing false information or outdated value judgments can pose a challenge for AI. Human intervention in AI algorithms or data can introduce unintended biases; therefore, relying solely on AI's self-learning raises ethical concerns. These are the current limitations of AI. Nevertheless, overcoming these limitations can lead to a higher level of competitiveness.


#Examining the Collective Benefits for Humanity

'Sia' crafted the poetry, one of the most abstruse text types. The notion that 'AI composed poetry' has evoked both wonder and trepidation, paralleling the remarkable progress in the field of artificial intelligence technology. Clint characterizes this occurrence as an 'augmented apprehension.'


"It is imperative to verify the veracity of the prediction that certain jobs will cease to exist in the future. Even developers and artists are now being mentioned in this context. The advancements in no-code and low-code technologies, as well as multi-modal image generation techniques, have only served to strengthen these predictions. AI serves as a valuable tool for humans, enabling them to relieve themselves of mundane and repetitive tasks, and focus on more meaningful decisions that require sound judgment. Take, for instance, the case of AI generating highly appealing mobile advertisements for business owners, to better engage their consumers. Despite some reservations about AI technology, its growing user base and unforeseen advancements in related industries will pave the way for a marked increase in human benefits."


We threw several questions about how KoGPT can help people in real life through the popularization of technology.


#Assessing KoGPT's Performance
News summary demonstration example screen. Kakao's Impact Commerce Kakao Makers and Kakao Brain are joining forces to protect endangered animals in celebration of 'World Animal Day'. Below is an article of at least 300 characters. Kakao Makers and Kakao Brain announced that products collaborated by AI artist Kalo and contemporary artist Ko Sang-woo will be sold exclusively at Kakao Makers until the 12th to help protect endangered animals. Summarized in a short sentence.
KoGPT summarized lengthy news into one sentence instantly, as well as novels and judgment documents.


Comfort felt during high speed driving based on the suggestion that the tires are all-season comfort tires for SUVs and RVs! A demonstration scene that derives the advertising slogan of quiet and comfortable premium tires.
KoGPT generated ad phrases to drive purchases based on product information, training on a vast array of advertising phrases available in the world.


Demonstration scene of naturally answering chat questions based on the following keywords: residence in Seoul, 30s, gender male, two children, major in artificial intelligence, and speaking kindly.
KoGPT engages in natural conversations based on the set character profiles. 



Introducing Kakao Brain

Established in February 2017, Kakao Brain is a leading global AI technology company that aims to challenge "unthinkable questions" and bring forth innovative solutions for humanity's betterment. The company is at the forefront of the rapidly evolving artificial intelligence industry with a portfolio of ground-breaking AI services and models, including Karlo, KoGPT, and RQ-Transformer.

In line with its mission to pioneer the new technology market and unlock the unlimited potential of AI, Kakao Brain is actively working to establish a thriving technological community and research and development ecosystem. (Official Homepage: https://KakaoBrain.com/ )



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